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As your personal image consultant and fashion stylist, I will help you simplify your life and build your confidence by teaching you which colors and styles work for you.  I’m passionate about helping you earn more money by up-leveling your personal branding with the right look to impress your clients, for a presentation, a media/photo shoot, a special event or a first date.

  • I can provide you with a complete, improved and original look from head to toe that works socially and professionally to match your personality and lifestyle
  • Both the research and my experience make a compelling case that paying attention to what you wear and elevating your appearance in an appropriate way will have a huge impact on your ability to convert prospects into clients.
  • I help you find the right clothes for your unique personal style while aiming for that “wow-you-look-amazing” look, while in alignment with your personality, budget, lifestyle and size.
  • If you have clothes hanging in your closet with price tags or that you’ve only worn one or twice, I will help you avoid these costly mistakes, saving you money and time.

With my knowledge and expertise, I will simplify your life by transforming your look and style in the shortest period of time, saving you time, money and effort while building your confidence.

I make your Style Experience both empowering and fun!

Shelley Golden With Client

Closet and Wardrobe Overhaul Experience

  • Image assessment, talk about the best colors and styles for your body and personality to better understand your needs and what styles work best for you.
  • Closet overhaul / organization – go through your closet to see what you have, what no longer works and what we can build off of. Shopping in your closet is a great place to start. We create a shopping list with key items to be purchased to take your wardrobe to the next level as well as an alteration list for items needing a bit of alteration.

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Image make-over



Shelley creates your customized personal Color Palette which is completely unique to your individual needs! It is not from a cookie cutter template.

Wearing your best range of colors will make you look younger, healthier, and vibrant. While wearing unflattering colors can make you look older, tired and even ill.

Shelley will guide you towards the best color choices for your wardrobe, hair and make-up, taking into account the exact colors of your eyes, skin, pink in your cheeks, lips, hair and whites of your eyes and teeth to select the perfect color palette that flatters YOU.  Each color swatch is personally selected and hand cut for your fan.

This is why a color analysis an essential part of a style makeover.

A personal color pallet book makes a great gift for that “woman who has everything!”

Personal color pallet
Personalized color palette fan